Curriculum for Liberal Education

ViEWS - Visual Expression, Writing and Speaking

For students entering in Fall 2005 and thereafter, ViEWS is a university-wide requirement that all departments address oral, written and visual communication learning outcomes in their majors. Virginia Tech is committed to ensuring that every graduate is able to effectively use a variety of spoken, visual and written communication strategies which are necessary for success as a student, for employment, and for life as a responsible citizen.

Each department determines how this requirement will be met by its majors. Individual courses will not be designated “ViEWS”, nor will they appear on the CLE section of the major checksheet. When a student completes a degree in a department, they have met the ViEWS requirement, and that degree should assure competency in oral, written, and visual communication.

For students entering VT from Fall 1999 up to Fall 2005 (and maintaining continuous enrollment) must meet the Writing Intensive Requirement--the precursor to the ViEWS requirement. The Writing Intensive requirement may be met by:

  1. the successful completion of two WI-designated CLE courses, regardless of the number of credit hours attached to those courses; or
  2. the successful completion of two sequences of courses designated as providing Writing Across the Major (WAM); or
  3. the successful completion of one WI course, regardless of the number of credit hours attached to that course, and one sequence of courses designated WAM; or
  4. other writing experiences approved by the UCCC (now the UCCLE).

Students should consult with an advisor for specific instructions.


"The result of the educative process is capacity for further education."

- John Dewey (1859-1952) U.S. philosopher and educator

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