Curriculum for Liberal Education

CLE Course Preference Worksheet

  1. The PDF linked below is a worksheet which is intended to help you with tentative long-range planning.
  2. Before completing the worksheet, check your Undergraduate Course Catalog and the checksheet for your major to find out if your major or college predesignates specific courses in any Area(s) of study. Also see if your college has any specific requirements which can be found in the CLE Guide in the Summary of College Requirements section.
  3. Remember, the level of consideration you put into this exercise will have a direct bearing on your academic experience at Virginia Tech. Work with your advisor to identify your goals and preferences as they relate to the Curriculum for Liberal Education. You need to define how your CLE courses will complement the courses in your major.
  4. Fill in the blanks with the department abbreviation and course number. Put a check beside each blank when you have successfully completed the course. Also note in Areas 2–5 whether there are additional college requirements.