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CLE Requirements and Course Offerings

Please note that these are the current offerings for the CLE. If you don't see a particular course listed here that you have previously taken to meet a CLE area requirement, please reference previous years' guides or consult your advisor. Any courses listed since your enrollment still count toward completion of your CLE requirements.

Area 1: Writing and Discourse 6 credit hours1
Area 2: Ideas, Cultural Traditions, and Values 6 credit hours
Area 3: Society and Human Behavior 6 credit hours
Area 4: Scientific Reasoning and Discovery 6 or 8 credit hours2
Area 5: Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning 6 credit hours
Area 6: Creativity and Aesthetic Experience 1 or 3 credit hours3
Area 7: Critical Issues in a Global Context 3 credit hours

1. Students who entered the university prior to Fall 2005 and maintain continuous enrollment until graduation must meet the previous Writing Intensive requirement.

2. Some majors require 2 credit hours of related laboratory (2 labs) selected from approved CLE courses

3. Students in the College of Science and most majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences must take one (1) 3-credit hour course.

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Yearly Guides (PDF)

Students should view the guide of the year in which they entered Virginia Tech. Any courses that have been added on to the CLE since then will count toward that student's completion of the CLE.

2016-2017 CLE Guide (updated 12/1/16) Alphabetical Guide (updated 12/1/16)
2015-2016 CLE Guide Alphabetical Guide
2014-2015 CLE Guide (updated 7/29/14) Alphabetical Guide (updated 7/29/14)
2013-2014 CLE Guide Alphabetical Guide
2012-2013 CLE Guide Alphabetical Guide
2011-2012 CLE Guide Alphabetical Guide
2010-2011 CLE Guide Alphabetical Guide
2009-2010 CLE Guide Alphabetical Guide
2008-2009 CLE Guide Alphabetical Guide
2007-2008 CLE Guide (Updates) Alphabetical Guide
2006-2007 CLE Guide Alphabetical Guide
2005-2006 CLE Guide Alphabetical Guide
2004-2005 CLE Guide Alphabetical Guide
2003-2004 CLE Guide Alphabetical Guide

Note that Virginia Tech's Curriculum for Liberal Education was previously called the University Core Curriculum.

If you need a guide from a year that is not listed here, please contact us.

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Major Checksheets

For requirements and recommendations for CLE courses in specific areas of study, see the checksheet for each appropriate major.

Download the Worksheet